Here you can find a list of common questions and answers, you might want to see at the beginning.

What is in it for me?

As a private person:

  • cheapest, value transfers possible
  • direct income channels from your online activity (max 2000 EUR/month)
  • savings on your bills
  • access to read and write blockchain-forged data

As a company:

  • API access to the XRP Ledger blockchain and all the above.
  • access to write customised blockchain data and web hooks

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How can I earn?

In a couple of ways:

  1. Monetize your existing content:
    • photos
    • music
    • podcasts
    • video
    • art
    • games
  2. For your online, direct P2P consulting:
    • lawyer
    • medical
    • advisory
    • boost!
  3. Community tips
  4. B1X Apps you can create!

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Where is the catch?

It is usually buried under your legal jurisdiction. B1X Platform uses (DLT) Decentralized Ledger Technology in order to achieve its goals. If digital assets are forbidden in your country, you won't be able to use B1X Gate platform.

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Is B1X another ICO - Initial Coin Offering?

After many failed attempts of finding real value in creating and securing our own currency in a form of Initial Coin Offering, we fortunately decided to drop off this plan in late 2017. Instead, we took advantage of the most interoperable and scalable digital asset, to use it as a base value denominator.

We decided to focus on real usecases for the ultra-fast, almost free blockchain transactions in a production ready DLT environment.

The base currency of B1X platform is XRP, but you can use classic currencies like USD, EUR, as well as cryptocurrencies like BTC, or ETH. More fiat and digital currencies will be interoperable soon!

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Is B1X a Security Token Offering  (STO)?

No... it isn't. It is non-tradable stable, digital asset represented as an IOU on the XRPL with a static denominator of 1 B1X = 0.001 XRP

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Do you provide crypto wallet?


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How safe is it?

We never ask you for your private keys. All external transactions are signed on your device and the credentials are never sent over the wire.

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What currencies can I use?

Since B1X Gate is built on top of the XRP Ledger, it is obvious first asset supported, but thanks to its interoperability, we will be adding other fiat (EUR, USD, PLN) and crypto (BTC, ETH, XLM) currencies with time. Everything on top od DLT.

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Are you a bank?

No. We are only a highway gate operator.

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Do you have an API?

Not yet, but it should be added to the final v1.0 version

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