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B1X Gate revealed!

Decentralized communication and value sharing – A “match made in heaven”. For the last couple of years, at B1X, we have found ourselves in front of a series of, what we believe, are really powerful technologies that have a true potential to revolutionize not only the manner in which web interactions occur between peers, but […]

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Is social media the future of payments?

Introduction In our previous blog-posts we have discussed two fundamental topics that are of vital relevance to understand why, at B1X, we felt certain responsibility to try our best, not only to disrupt the existing flawed web monetization mechanisms, but also to provide a cost-efficient and smooth alternative for monetizing those activities and use-cases that […]

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Why did we choose the XRP Ledger?

Why did B1X chose the XRP Ledger? In our previous publication, we identified and addressed the monetary incentive schemes that have dominated the Web over the course of the last couple of years, and that have derived in one of the main sources of dysfunction that are currently affecting the Internet.   Like-wise, we described […]

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B1X let’s you earn, pipe and “refine” value online

This project is an attempt to bridge the gap between the classic Internet, with the blockchain enabled, „Internet of Value” encapsulated in clean and “familiar”  web page, without a need of installing anything suspicious. B1X offers you safe, currency agnostic, international money pipes and “refineries”, straight into your pocket. For both national currencies and digital assets alike. Besides just sending money, you will be able to monetize your: activity, influence, knowledge, experience, hardware, services, APIs or art, much […]

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