B1X Story

Yesterday has created the present…

  • The initial IDEA

    It all started right after reading the groundbreaking Blockchain Revolution by Don and Alex Tapscott during vacations 2016 at the Polish seaside.

    The idea was simple, yet impossible at first glance. Blown away by promises of the above book, we thought: “Let’s create a Twitter clone powered by blockchain, which would democratize all possible online revenue streams”.

    We wanted to let people do micropaymentsfor their goods, services, charities or content, directly in peer-2-peer manner, no matter the underlying currencies they use.

    August 2016
  • Research & Development

    Like almost every #blockchain #fintech in 2017, we wanted to create our own ICO to fund the project and solve our technical needs, but it appeared that Solidity based ETH-20 solutions are clunky and don’t scale enough. They can get very expensive by the way… especially during such a bull-run, like we had in late 2017.

    We dropped the idea and started a risky path to find the best digital asset / blockchain solution out there. After tons of R&DFUDand misinformation, we found the answer for most of our needs.

    It was right in front of everyone eyes for years…

    … The XRP Ledger

    September 2017
  • Back on track!

    When we realized the possibilities of the fastestcheapest and very decentralizednature of XRP ledger consensus (with built-in decentralized fiat/crypto exchange), we decided to drop everything else and bring back our initial idea to life. It finally got its name and logo, which was trademarked 8 months later.

    This is when the alpha mockups, requirements and technical challenges ware taken off the shelf and serious development started for real. All kept in secret, stealth mode.

    #BUIDL mode restarted

    March 2018
  • B1X, the company

    After more than a year in stealth mode, on the 28th of March, 2019,

    B1X sp. z o.o. has been registered under Polish KRS (National Court Register) and started to operate in fully legal, transparent manner under 64.99.Z category, which is “a form of financial activity, other than insurances and pensions/retirement plans” under Polish Law.

    Sails are set!
    The ship is in the dock, waiting for the first, public beta cruise, which is planned for the 1st of September 2019. The growing crew is working hard on all fronts, full-time. Our project, as the only blockchain related one, has qualified to the EU grant for Polish startups.

    It has finally begun

    March 2019

B1X Roadmap

  • Branding

    Before we really start, we want to make sure not to repeat the errors from a failed (yet very successful) private alpha demos
    End of May 2019
  • Official ``private beta`` announcement

    After we make sure everything was set properly, we will start with a small, guerrilla marketing campaign to attract first, external adopters.
    End of June 2019
  • Public BETA, real blockchain

    We want to open the B1X Gate, public beta access on the real, not test-net XRP ledger, with real money at stake.
    1st September 2019
  • Santa Clous Present v 1.0.0

    Full fledged, production ready version of our app.
    6 December 2019