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“Internet of Value”

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What is B1X?

a rendez-vous…

… blockchain-enabled, currency agnostic, fintech platform to:

monetary value of any kind… worldwide!

Designed for The 99%

No matter what you do for profit:
  • blog, music, video or free art
  • IT, software, APIs or games
  • law, medical or other professional services
  • trade, teach or influence
  • fundraising, non-profit or sport!

B1X enables you to do it easiercheaper and faster in pure, peer-2-peer, social media like style, with full control over your private data (GDPR compliance).

NO ADS or sniffers included!

Do you have a company?

You can now harness the power of BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) in addition to the above and use it for your own profit! Without any intermediaries 😉

What is Internet of Value?

B1X let’s you earn, pipe and “refine”, peer-2-peer transactions in an easy way.

Like email, but for monetary value

B1X offers you safe, currency agnostic, international money pipes and “refineries”, straight into your pocket. For both national currencies and digital assets alike.

This project is an attempt to bridge the gap between the classic Internet, with the blockchain enabled, „Internet of Value”, encapsulated in a clean and “familiar” web platform. No need of installing anything suspicious, just a browser!

If you got to this point... you can read more about our mission